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Actions (cut product image with pen tool - working path)

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Last Modified: 2012-08-13

I am trying to work with a custom photoshop action to do the follow:

- Pen path
- Then create selection
- Inverse
- Delete

The thing is I have these product images at JPG's about 20 of them. Is there a way to make it for the path can be loaded for all of them?

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Sure, after you create the path you want, just go to the layers palette, and click the Paths tool. From the Paths palette you will click on the upper left options menu and choose Make Selection from the list. Just use the default of 0 in the settings that will pop up. Now with the selection/path selected, go to Select>Save Selection. Name is whatever you want and save it. Now when you create your action, you can select it from the Select>Load Selection, when you're finished with the action click stop and you will now be able to re-use it.
So, there's no way to automate or record the Pen tool. So this part would have to be done manually.

If you're looking for a more automated way (which I don't recommend as a Photoshop professional), you could:

1. start recording your Action
2. choose a colour in your Foregrond colour swatch that matches your background colour
3. Go to Select > Colour Range.
4. Make sure "Sampled Color" is selected in the pull-down menu
5. Press OK

The selection is already inversed from what you want, so no need for Inverse

6. press Delete
7. stop recording the action.


Now, as a professional, here's the workflow I would recommend:

1. make your selection using the Pen tool. Make sure that your path is set to "Add" mode, not "Subtract"
2. start recording your action (the 1st time) / play your action (subsequent times)
3. double-click your Background image to turn it into a Layer
4. from the Layers menu, select Vector Mask > Current Path
5. create a new layer (CTRL+SHFT+N)
6. fill your new layer with white (press SHIFT+Delete) and choose White from pulldown menu
7. send this new layer to the back (CTRL+SHIFT+"[")
8. Flatten or merge your layers if you want

(end recording)
I should point out that the first technique I mention will only work if all your product images have the same colour background.

Thanks for this, what do you mean by this:

2. start recording your action (the 1st time) / play your action (subsequent times)
I have most of this down. But I am trying to get the Path to be in all documents? I am going to be doing this to about 20 photos.

Any ideas?
Not sure if there is a way to load in a path to the document.
You can save the path as a shape to make it available in all documents. With the shape selected, go to Paths from the Paths palette, choose: Make Wordpath. Next go to Edit, Save Custom Shape. Now it will be available.
Hey, Sorry, what do you mean by save the shape?

After testing the advice I gave you, I found an easier way. To save the path follow these steps:
Create your path using the pen tool, or whatever method you use
Go to the Paths tool palette (usually a tab in the layers palette).
From the drop-down menu in the Paths Palette, choose Make Selection
From the drop-down menu in the Paths palette, choose save Path

The only problem with this is you will have to have the document open to access the path. You could copy and paste the path into the new document, but I realize that isn't what you are asking.

The way I was suggesting saves it as a Custom shape which is accessible when you select the square tool or any other shape. The problem with this is you will have to drag the shape which means it won't be the exact size. I don't believe there is another option available. If you are interested in either way, and aren't sure how to do them, I can be more specific. Sorry I couldn't come up with a better answer.
It would be great to see a couple example images, so we can get a better idea of what you're talking about. Is it possible that all your images have to be cropped in exactly the same way in exactly the same shape in exactly the same spot? In that case, I would use automation to create one massive layer stack, clip them all with a single clipping layer like a guillotine and then export each layer separately. It would be a matter of 5 minutes' work.

This sounds highly unlikely though. Upload 2 images in your series so we can see what we're dealing with here.

I have attached two images.

 - They are all the same: size & crop.


 product 1
 product 2
@jeremyjared74 - I can go one by one pasting the path, that is fine if that is what it comes down too. I appreciate your help on this.
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The good thing about Photoshop is you usuallly have more than one option of "skinning the cat". If it makes the task easier using the same shape you can always transfer one label to the other package. I used the Polygonal Lasso Tool to select the label from one package to place on the other. After selecting the label I copied it and pasted it onto the other package and merged the layers. To make the edges that were a little different tone blend together I used the patch tool to drag around the edge where the opposing shades met. Then with it selected, I dragged the selection to a dark area of the package. This made the label blend together.

Here is the finished product if you want to keep the selection the same:
 The Transfered Label The Other Label
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