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Converting PowerPoint PPT files to PPTX version 2010

Medium Priority
Last Modified: 2012-05-11
Hello - we have a network of Office 2000/2003 users who are steadily being converted to 2010.  We notice that with Word and Excel 2010, you can use the FILE/CONVERT function to automatically convert the older files to the new format and it automatically replaces the old file with the new one, so there is not 2 copies in 2 formats left from the process.  PowerPoint does not seem to do this - it only opens a SAVEAS screen and creates a second file for the new format, leaving the older copy on the network.  Does anyone know why, or if there's a way to control that so it behaves like Word and Excel when converting files?
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After some research on Microsoft sites, I didn't found any explanation of the reason why Powerpoint behaves differently that other Office programs in terms of converting files. The fact is that is different from Excel and Word, it keeps the old version file while Word and Excel don't. What is the reason? I guess that only MS could answer that question...sorry I can't be more helpful on this one...

Damian GardnerIT Admin


Ok...well, thanks for your help JPPINTO.

 I wonder if there is a batch-conversion utility available then for PowerPoint files that someone might know of.  We're concerned about users converting existing files, and leaving the duplicate, older copies on the network, cluttering it up.  So - if there was a conversion utility that could do folders of PPT files at a time, an IT admin could perform the task instead.  Anybody know?


I don't know any batch converter of Powerpoint 2003 files. I've searched and didn't found any also.
Damian GardnerIT Admin


hmm - ok, thanks mucjh for searching for me.
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Damian GardnerIT Admin


I agree with you - there's apparently no way to do it, without spending some money. I did find a converter out there for $149, but I'm just going to make it the responsibility of the users to control their own PPT conversions.  Thanks for your help.
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