jQuery Validation - Out of memory

Hello experts!

I'm putting together an online application that uses the validation jquery library from http://www.position-absolute.com/articles/jquery-form-validator-because-form-validation-is-a-mess/.

The online application only requires the last two input fields to submit and on submit, it goes to sendEmail.php, which only contains one line of code: <?php echo 'Done.'; ?>

The issue is that every time I click on submit application an error pops up in Internet Explorer 8 saying 'Out of memory at line: 16'. I can click okay and the form gets redirected to sendEmail.php. What is causing the out of memory issue?

My line of code at line 16 is:  
$("#formID").validationEngine('attach', {

The online application is located here:
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I just ran your site in IE8.  I didn't see an out of memory error.  I was prevented from submitting until I filled in the final 2 fields.
I filled each in with the word test and it submitted and took me to

Are you still having problems?
spogglesAuthor Commented:
I ended up using a different validation.
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