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Creating a web application for Parents to pre-order lunch for students for the coming week - BEST WAY TO START THIS?

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Last Modified: 2012-06-27
I am an inexperienced programmer, and want to create a web based application.  I would like some advice on which programming language to use, which web platform to use, and which development tool to use to create this project.  The needs are very direct, and once setup this will not change AT ALL, and will only need content to change.  Any advice is appreciated, as I really don't know where to start.  

The program needs to do the following:

- Have users sign in with a username and password
   * We would like to have a "forgot password" option and a user verification process
- Once signed in, users will need to choose which student to manage (some users have multiple children)
- Once the student is selected, they will need to select from a PRE-ENTERED menu which food items the student wants from MONDAY to FRIDAY.  Each day needs to have an option for NO LUNCH that day.
- After making selections, a confirmation / review screen will need to be displayed before submission
- Options to link out to PAYPAL for payment

On the backend, we would need to be able to edit:
- user database
- Menu content per day
- The ability to do a 1 week or a 2 week order

I'm not sure if I should get a book and learn a programming language to start this, if I should try to start this with a VISUAL product like visual studio, or if it's even possible to learn how to create a project like this.

The communitie's thoughts and advice are appreciated, thank you.
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If you want to learn, and are going to start such a project for that purpose, and not to make a buck, then you should start using ASP.NET MVC 2.0. This is the current web development technique porposed by MS.

IF, you are in fact trying to earn some money, then hire a freelancer, pay him half (or less) of what you make out, and be happy. This will save you time and money, but leave you with no added knowledge.



No, I am trying to do this myself in order to learn how to do this correctly, and I don't want to start with a half-baked methodology.  We are not trying to make money on this.  Thanks!
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