Object-Groups on a Cisco Metro Switch?

I have a Cisco 3750 Metro switch as the core of my AT&T OPT-E-MAN network. I am revamping my QoS policy for the entire network. the new QoS policy will entail a fairly complex set of access-lists and I'd like to keep it as organized as possible.

So question is... Is there any way on a 3750m to build anything comparable to say an 'object-group' like you would on a PIX or ASA? This would help organize my ACL's a ton!

Also I am currently running IOS 12.2(35)SE5, if that helps.

Any ideas?

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Nope, I don't think it possible on 3750's.
Would be nice though.
imtouelletteAuthor Commented:
Agreed, would be nice!

I think I can keep it fairly organized if I build my class-map/policy-map structure properly... Just don't like the idea of having 100(s) of access-list lines when i could have 10.

I guess my only other option is to move my traffic marking to an upstream device and just build the policy on the 3750...

Thanks for the confirmation.
That's an option, or if possible summarize some of the networks in the acl if you can.
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