Lenovo Thinkpad connection manager

I'm trying to offer phone support for one of my agents, he has a Lenovo Thinkpad, and lenovo's proprietary internet connection manager (i believe called thinkvantage) is conflicting with the windows 7 connection manager.

this is resulting in a very slow connection if we have one at all, does anyone know how to completely disable thinkvantage or the windows 7 connection manager?
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5g6tdcv4Connect With a Mentor Commented:
uninstall access connections. Use the control panel applet programs to remove
That is the lenovo network connection manager, and removal is the way to disable it.
If you need to reinstall click start run and in the search box type "tvsu"
That is the thinkvantage system update, and it will find the appropriate version of access connections if you need to reinstall it.
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