Keep two directories in sync

I have end users who are all mapped to a "home" directory running on a NAS/Windows Storage Server.  For backup purposes, I would like to keep files and folders like their My Documents on the local drive in sync with their home directory/network share.  They are running a combination of XP and Win 7.  Is there either open source software or a suggested way to do this?
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c0sConnect With a Mentor Commented:
you can use Sync Center from micrososft or xcopy tu run a job every night or at a scheduled hours... there are couple of ways to do it it all depends on which way you wanna do it.

You can also change their home directory do be on the server instead of the local drive and just make them sync with the server whenever they connect to the network
Vinchenzo-the-SecondConnect With a Mentor Commented:
You can always use offline files.
johnb6767Connect With a Mentor Commented:
SyncToy 2.1

This also works from a command line perspective to run as a task....
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