How I can I forward port 80 from one public ip to a internal ip as port 1433 using a Sonicwall?

Currently we have a SQL server with an internal IP behind a Sonicwall setup with One-to-One NAT to a public static ip accepting only port 1433 traffic.  We would like to setup an additional public static ip to accept port 80 traffic, but forward that to the same internal ip of the SQL server as port 1433 traffic.  Can this be done on the Sonicwall?  How?
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digitapConnect With a Mentor Commented:
What model do you have? Is it enhanced or standard OS?

If enhanced, then you can do this with ingress/egress NAT rules. If you want to keep the original NAT, then run the public server wizard again and select port 80. Then, go back to those NAT rules and change them like so,


Original Service: 80
Translated Service: 1433


Original Service: 1433
Translated Service: 80
autocribAuthor Commented:
I have a TZ180 running standard OS.  Can this be done without upgrading to Enhanced OS?  This model is so slow anyways, if I have to I might just opt for the newer models with the Enhanced OS.  Also if I have viewpoint on this then all this will be logged correct?
digitapConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Yeah, you're not going to be able to do the NAT translation as I indicated above with the standard OS. You might consider a secure upgrade with Sonicwall. They give you a discounted price on a new appliance and transfer existing licenses to the new appliance.

I don't understand your question about Viewpoint loging. What is "this" that's being logged?
autocribAuthor Commented:
Thanks I will look into upgrading the OS.  Never mind on the logging.  Thanks for your help.
Sure. Thanks for the points!
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