SSIS Configuration

Is the purpose of the configuration where you  click SSIS --> Package Configuration, to set the connection strings of the package such that when/if you have to move it you can go to the config package and make the adjustents?

Is there any other important aspect that one should know about configuration packages.
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Kalyanum Deepak KumarSenior Technical LeadCommented:
Yes the sole purpose of SSIS configurations is to make the package function with respect to different environemnts without having to modify it frequently. This gives more information to you I have been working in SSIS for quite some time( 4 years)  using these configurations . ANy hlpe needed , post the issues.
Kalyanum Deepak KumarSenior Technical LeadCommented:
Also, need to consider the security for the configuration files . The configuration files can be secured in a folder and the folder can be encrypted using the security features in windows. (sorry have been working for past 5 years for SQL Server 2000,2005,20082008R2 ).
Alpesh PatelAssistant ConsultantCommented:
Configuration package is for pass parameter to package from outside the scope of package.
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