PHP / MySQL / OpenSource Group Site Software

I am looking for a php / mysql based package to improve communication among group members.


1. Forum like posting of topics for discussion. Whenever a new topic is posted all group members are notified a new post has been added (via email).
2. Group calendar (simple calendar is best. Not trying to confuse the users).
3. Centralized document store. Wiki style is fine. Just a basic HTML document is fine. Just something we can format and keep "living" documents in.

I have looked at buddypress, but you have to friend people, which is too complicated for my users. As is the group thing.

phpBB3 is great, but no calendar (there is a plugin, but it doesn't work well). If someone knows of a calendar plugin that WORKS, I would like to try that out. Also, I would prefer to create the users and setup the groups and then just notify my users rather than them having to register. That's too complicated for them. There will be resistance.

I have looked at phpGroup, and it is more complicated that what we need.

Getting a little frustrated. I really need something VERY SIMPLE that computer illiterate people can use with ease.

What are you suggestions?
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stu215Systems AnalystCommented:
Have you tried looking at TWiki?
( Its open source / free and has a fair amount of plugins )

As its open source you can always mod things to be more specific to what you want.

A short list of avail plugins:
¿AutoCompletePlugin: Auto-complete input fields of HTML forms.
¿CalendarPlugin: Show a monthly calendar with highlighted events.
¿ChartPlugin: Create charts to visualize TWiki tables.
¿DatabasePlugin: Get access to data in a database.
¿HeadlinesPlugin: Build news portals that show headline news based on RSS news feeds from news sites.
¿TWikiDrawPlugin: Use the TWikiDraw Java Applet to create editable drawings embedded in topics.
¿SlideShowPlugin: Turn TWiki pages into web-based presentations.
¿SpreadSheetPlugin: Add spreadsheet formulae like $SUM($ABOVE()) to TWiki tables.
¿XpTrackerPlugin: Track Extreme Programming (XP) projects.
DrDamnitAuthor Commented:
Not really what I wanted. Ended up coding my own. But this is an excellent suggestion for anyone in the future who wants this type of platform.
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