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HP Proliant ML 350 G5 Bios update failed??

SuperB69 asked
Medium Priority
Last Modified: 2012-06-27

I did this with Proliant ML350 G5:
1. shut it down normally
2. installed some more memory
3. started it up with BIOS update CD in the CD-Drive
4. updated BIOS successfuly (according the flas utility)
5. cycled power down as requested by Flash utility
6. after reboot - nothing appears on the screen
7. unplugged powercord and plugged back -> powersupply broke
8. got newpowersupply
9. server powers up, but nothing comes to screen and it won't boot
10. can access with ILO2 which says system is ok
11. called HP support and got instructions to reset NVRAM
12. did not help

All lights are green, ILO says system is ok, but nothing appears on the screen - it's black and does not boot.

Any ideas??

Juha K.
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I did as you can see in my question. I need to find out proper way to reset BIOS.
I got two instructions from HP:

1. take battery off and wait 15 minutes - no help
2. Use Maintenance Switch, change DIP 6 ON and power up -> no help

But maybe they have other solutions
andyaldersaggar maker's framemaker
Distinguished Expert 2019

I'd remove the extra RAM you just added.

The system has dual BIOS so if it gets corrupted during a flash the second one should work so it should still boot.


Maybe bios got corrupted or motherboard broke by electrical shock by broken power supply.

HP opinion was broken motherboard.
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