UnsatisfiedDependencyException while integrating AOP aspectj logging

>>>I am getting UnsatisfiedDependencyException while integrating AOP aspectj logging stuff to existing j2ee spring mvc webapplication with maven. When i run few sample applications outside like
they worked perfect.But while integrating I am having very hard time with UnsatisfiedDependencyException  exception.

I am testing through junit test scripts some batch scripts which runs the jax-ws webservices. problem is after integration i am not seeing anything rolling on console no log message before method call or after method call. it is completely blank. I am not able to solve these issues.How can i resolve it.
Any ideas, resources,sample code,links,  highly appreciated. thanks in advance.
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objectsConnect With a Mentor Commented:
that implies that one of your beans dependencies has not been set. check your wiring.
Sathish David Kumar NConnect With a Mentor ArchitectCommented:
Have you check ....
dustin\\spring\\aopexamples\\spring-aop-logging-context.xml this file in the path..........
gudii9Author Commented:
dustin\\spring\\aopexamples\\spring-aop-logging-context.xml what us dustin

I could not find it please advise
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