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My boss is required to attend a WebEx seesion Thursday....the issue is, my boss will not be here. Is there ANY way I can record this WebEx session with some type of software or some other way so they'll be able to see the slides & hear the recordings? I've already contacted the WebEx host & this session will not be recorded on their end....thanks for any input.
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Brian BEE Topic Advisor, Independant Technology ProfessionalCommented:
Provided the sound is transmitted via the webex, any screen capture software will work. Camtasia and hypercam are popular, as well as this download:

If the audio is coming over the phone, you won't get sound unless you find a way to feed the phone audio into the mic in port on the computer.
For the audio over the phone you can try dialing in with Skype or using one of these
Jackie ManCommented:
Try WebEx Record and Playback which can be downloaded from:-

Jackie ManCommented:
A review of WebEx Recordet in the link below.
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