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Is the Server and database being backed up correctly?

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Last Modified: 2012-05-11
We have a SBS 2008 Server, that runs a database application on a VMWare Virtual Server (Server 2003).  We want to make sure the database and anything else important on the Virtual Server is being backed up correctly.

Previously, the SBS Server had Acronis True Image SBS installed and was doing a nightly image backup of the entire Server.  I’m not sure if that was backing up the Virtual Server correctly, with the Server running and database live.

Now, Backup Exec SBS 2010 R2 has been installed.  We are backing up everything on the C: drive, but I'm still not sure if the live Virtual Server is backing up correctly.

Do we need to shut down the Virtual Server while the backup is running to ensure a correct backup?  Do we need to do a separate database backup from the Virtual Server to the SBS Server if we want to keep the Virtual Server up?
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Danny McDanielClinical Systems Analyst

Just to confirm... you are running VMware Server and not VMware ESX(i), correct?  VMware Server run's on top of a Windows or Linux system just like any other application.  ESX(i) installs directly onto the hardware with no other underlying OS and you manage it from another system.

If you are using VMware Server, then you will want to use a backup utility that is aware of VMware Server so it can take a snapshot of the running virtual machine so the virtual disk base file is not busy.  If it's not aware of Server, then you can always script something to do this for you, too.


Yes, VMWare Server - not ESXi.
Danny McDanielClinical Systems Analyst

I would recommend you do a seperate sql backup, especially if you aren't using simple recovery on the db.  That way the transaction logs will keep pared down and you can more easily restore the db to another server if need be.
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Danny McDanielClinical Systems Analyst

that method will work, too, it just might take longer to do a restore from scratch but if you don't have very many virtual machines then it it's hard to justify the additional expense/work it would take to do it the other way.


Thanks for your help
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