Automatically shut down imacs using ARD


I have an Xserve 10.6.7 and several imacs. I use ARD on my macbook on a day to day basis to manage the imacs. Problem, I want to use ARD to issue a shutdown command around 7pm. I don't like to keep my macbook on over night when the xserve is running 24/7, so I thought I would install ARD on the server and set a schedule. This worked as expected and indeed shut the imacs down. However, as the xserve is some distance away in a server room when I tried to remote in using ARD on my laptop I found myself to be locked out as it complained ARD was already running.

Any suggestions on how to get this set-up right. I understand I could set up a task server but this would require another licence which I know I will not be allowed as money is tight and macs are a minority on our Windows network.

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ARD on your laptop might have complained as a result of a security setting in ARD on the Xserve.

  - On the Xserve, open ARD, then go to Preferences.
  - Click the Security tab.
  - Check the box to "Allow control of this computer when this application is running."
  - Close the Preferences window.

Now ARD on the Xserve should allow you to connect from your laptop, assuming there's not a serial number conflict.

Hope that helps!
Bryan Vines

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osxmanAuthor Commented:
Spot on Bryan!
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