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i was working with cisco stuff, but long time ago. Now i need to design and realize a network for 30 users in a building.
The specs should be:
2 floors
1. floor 4 offices + 1 server room
2. floor 3 offices

In the offices there will be 30 users. The users will have 1 computer and 1 IP phone.
In the building there will be 3 network printers
In the server room there will be 2-3 servers.
   1.  - To provide  Internet connection
   2.  - User home folders / Emails .. etc (windows server 2008)
   3.  - For the VoIP

The question:

I want to use two 48 port cisco switches:
One on each floor.
The servers will be connected to the 1. floor. How to bridge the two switches  ( 1. floor and 2. floor) ? I dont want to pull 25 cables from the 1. floor to the second one to each user.

The second question is more complicated :)
I have no experience with VoIP devices and systems.
I have to configure voip for the 30 users with asterix
From the phones it needs to be able to call to external numbers.
Is there a card i need to put into the asterix server, or how to connect it.... configure it? What HW specs should the server have?
Where can i find a manual for configuring this?

Thanks very much
best regards
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mark_06Connect With a Mentor Commented:
I rarely deploy with the Cisco Catalyst 520's, I prefer to use the Cisco 300 series as they do the job quite well.  I would recommend the SF300-48P for you if you're happy with 10/100 for the clients and it gives you 2 10/100/1000 for servers and uplinks. Otherwise if you want gigabit just use two       SG300-28P.

In terms of the price, I am in Australia, so I am not to familiar with the Euro prices.

You need to decide whether you want a UC540 which supports up to 32 users or a UC 560 which supports up to 104 users.

For a base model UC540 in you can pay as little as AUD$2093.00, this comes with 8 users or the UC560 for as little as AUD$2923.00 with 16 users. Note however the 8 user version actually comes with 14 licenses and the 16 user version comes with 22 licenses. This is because you get 2 extra licenses plus a license for each of the FXS ports for analog users which can be used for IP Phones if you don't need analog users (fax machines don't count as a user).  For extra licenses you need the L-UC-PRO-8U= which gives you 8 licenses, just buy as many of these as you need (it's the same license for the 540 and 560), these are around AUD$760.

So if you only needed exactly 30 users you could get away with a UC560 and 1 license pack.

What IP Phones are you looking at?

Part 1 Network
To do this correctly I would not use that switch.

You will want something Layer 3 and POE with 10 GB uplinks - Give me a few on this and I will see what I can find to fit your needs, but I would imagine 2 24's could be better if your phones can pass traffic.
The 2 10 GB up links can be used as trunks to go between the 2 switches.

Asterisk is an open source phone system, the community is a huge help and there are tons of books, but I would not say there is a "manual" that is not posted as part of the site.

You have lots of options when it comes to VOIP solutions you can buy a PRI/T1 Card or you can use SIP trunks, I would say you probably want a combo of both as the SIPS are cheap but the PRI is better quality.


That is more like what you would want, but obviously not on the cheap... There are other solutions that can be had cheaper just not cisco.  I use HP here, but would prefer to be using catalyst switches.
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PatricckAuthor Commented:
This is not really the price what i want to spend on it :)) for 100 Eur more i can pull all the cables from downstairs to upstairs, and this switch costs cca 5600 EUR :)
The reason you want a layer 3 is to properly VLAN and QOS the VOIP.

you can go with 2 1gb bridges uplinks but you are still looking at a switch closer to 1k than 300.  The Switch you are looking at is a rebadged Linksys and while it works, its not going to be what you need.
PatricckAuthor Commented:
What if i would use one switch for the Voip, and the second switch just for the computers?
PatricckAuthor Commented:
Do i need a card to the asterisk server? or the pci LAN card is enough?

the internet is ADSL

I would say go the Cisco UC 540 or UC 560 
This comes with the CCA which is a GUI tool that will let you configure everything.

The UC500's are an all in one router and PABX and you can use with that switch.

You don't need 10Gb Network links and layer 3 switches!

Best of all get Cisco small business support (very affordable) with the Switches and UC500 and you can rely on them if you have any issues.
PatricckAuthor Commented:
Hi, thanks really much.

Can i use this router as an external router of the company also? I had a cisco 1846 router as the main gateway for the building, but with this router i am above the price limit. What i need in the building is to be able to connect to other companies with VPN, to be able to have remote calls between their company and ours through VPN as a "local call". And the firewall needs to have IDS.

Does this router provide video call option?

Thanks very much
Hi Patrik,

You can use the UC500 for that. It supports interconnection of sites and remote VPN users and you can interconnect VoIP through the VPN. The UC500 is an ISR specifically customized to the SMB UC market, it runs IOS with Callmanager Express and has Unity Express module.

The the router comes with the Cisco IOS firewall so it will work the same as your 1846, the only catch is the WAN port on the UC500 is ethernet and you cannot use WICs.

With a UC500 you won't need another router, firewall or PABX, it's all in one!

Yes it does video, at the moment the device supports generic SIP video with H.263 and  H.264.

It also supports Cisco Unified Video Advantage which would enable you to make video calls across the VPN to another Cisco Callmanager Express or UC500.

I install a lot of these and it's got to be the best solution I have come across for convergence. I used to do a lot of Asterisk, it is good, but needs fulltime support so you end up paying more in the long run and it doesn't have as many features.


PatricckAuthor Commented:
Thank really much Mark.

I have found that it needs the cisco catalyst 520 switch to connect the IP phones, which is a 24 port switch - i have 30 phones in the list. Is there a 48 port replacement for this switch? I think it would be cheaper as to buy two 520s.

The second question is about the licenses. I have found one UC500 for 3000 EUR, with 16 user licenses. How can i extend this to 30? and how much would it cost?


PatricckAuthor Commented:
Really great help Mark,

these are the phones from my list :

PatricckAuthor Commented:
P.s.: One more question.

Does it provide also IDS  - it is a criteria in the project.
The SPA502G is a good IP Phone, was designed for the UC500!

I believe it does, as it's the IOS firewall which supports it
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