How do you find files after you perform a system restore on Windows 7?

I did a system restore and now some of my files are missing but I know they are still on the hard drive.
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Jackie ManConnect With a Mentor Commented:
No need to undo system restore.

If you are running Windows 7 Professional or above, just right click the folder where the missing files are stored previously and go to the Previous Vesrions tab and there shall be files inside the latest restore point before you do system restore.

If you are running Windows 7 Home Premium, try the following:-

1. Download and install Shadow Explorer from the link below.

Details of the function of Shadow Explorer is in the link below.

For details, please see the link below.
Are you talking about preforming a restore of a "system restore point" or are you talking about a restore from a "windows backup"?

The system restore point will reset the registry files... so any applications that were installed since the restore point will need to be re-installed.  It doesn't matter if the files are still in /Program Files.... without the registry, they still need to re-installed.
bushuf77--Undo the System Restore.  Then go back to the System Restore window just before actually performing the System Restore using the same Restore Point you used before.  You have the option to see what files and Programs will be affected if you run the System Restore by clicking "Scan for affected programs".  You now can back these files up before running SR.

How do you know the files are still on the hard drive?  Can you run a Search?  
bushuf77Author Commented:
Thanks jackieman!!!
Jackie ManCommented:
Glad to know that you have solved the problem. Cheers!
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