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I am exporting a SharePoint list to Excel 2010. When I export the list a number of columns are missing in the resulting Excel file.

Category (linked to item with with edit menu)
Content Type
Created By
Modified By
Type (icon linked to document)
Category (linked to item)
Edit (link to edit item)

The SharePoint list has 117 columns and all are exported but the ones listed above. I believe that these are all standard system generated SharePoint columns (except Category which a renamed Topic column) but I cannot find any documentation that indicates that these columns should not be exported.

So the question is - is there a reason why these columns are not being exported and is there a way to have them export (without writing code).


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Try and create a new view containing only those columns.

Only the columns shown in the current view are exported, so this will tell you if theres something wrong with your view, and if they CAN be exported.

To my knowledge, they should be exportable.

satandogAuthor Commented:
I should have thought of that...

They do come into the new view. Any idea why they might not export from the current view? Is there any view setting that might impact the ability to export a column?
No to my knowledge. You should be able to export all the columns from your view.

Are you sure that these columns are visible in the view you're exporting from?

if they are, then try and disable some of the other columns to see if you might have hit some kind of boundary (although you shouldn't)
satandogAuthor Commented:
Thanks for the help. It is helpful to have confirmation that they should be able to export.
Your welcome :)
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