How do I setup one phone in an office to be able to dial only local numbers?

I am looking to add a public area phone which can be used to dial local numbers only within an area. I already have 20 other phones which are setup to be able to dial any number desired local or long distance. How can I go about setting up just this one phone with the ability to call local but be blocked for long distance calls?
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José MéndezCommented:
YOu can do a lot of things within CM. I would recommend:

- Create partitions that refer to the restricted condition, something like local-only-pt or something similar.
- Create a Calling Search Space called Restricted-css and add the partitions above
- Assign the CSS to the 7911 IP Phone or any other
- Create Route Patterns for local number matching, something like  9.241XXXX, where 9 is the access code, 241 the office code and XXXX the subscriber number.
- Put the local-only-pt partition to the Route Pattern we just created.

This is how you connect your ip phone to the dia-ble patterns. In this case we are missing internal directory numbers, but you can repeat the process and make it possible to dial extensions as well.

Just remember that if there are any patterns not assign to a partition, or, said in a different way, number assigned to the NONE partition, then your 7911 will be able to dial them.

Hope it helps.
Mase2kAuthor Commented:
I think that will do it. Thank you for your solution Willy
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