MS ACCESS Form field with multiple parts.

I currently have a form that collects demographics from a member and stores the data in a db.

The field address is currently a text box. Is it possible to capture the field “Address” from several fields to split the address:  Text field for house number + drop down to select “N” , “S”, “SW” “NW”…etc   + text field for street name/number + Drop down for “AVE”, “ST”, “CT”, “RD”..etc. Then combine all 4 parts into a single db column “Address”??
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RamanhpConnect With a Mentor Commented:
well , for that u need to add a couple of combo boxes and set these required values in the list property.
once this is done, add a code to capture all values in the address text box

for a ref

txtAddress.text  = txtAddress1.text  + " ," + combo1.text + "," + combo2.text ..... and so on..

Nick67Connect With a Mentor Commented:
Why combine them?
Store them as separate columns.
It's easy enough to combine them when you go to use them.

If you do go to combine them, you'd have to code.
Throw a hidden textbox (txtFullAddress) on the form.
Bind it to your address field
In the After Update event of each of your separate controls put

me.txtFullAddress = nz(me.txtAddress1)  & " ," & nz(me.cboWhatever) & "," & nz(me.combo2)

Be very careful!

& is the concatenator not +
Odd things happen when you make that mistake!
Jeffrey CoachmanMIS LiasonCommented:
<The field address is currently a text box.>
A single textbox with the *Entire* Address?
Is this bound to a single "Address" field?

If so then you will have to first create all the individual fields, then split this existing field into each of these new fields.

Can you post some generic data from your table?
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