Exchange server won't mount private and public stores


1.Symptom description:

One of our client's servers (Windows Small Business Server 2003) version of Exchange has dismounted its public and private stores and won't remount.


Windows Small Business Server 2003

3. Log errors

The first error in the Application event log says:

"E:\E00tmp.log" to "E:\E00.log" failed with system error 5 (0x00000005): "Access is denied. ".

The next error says:
Unable to create a new logfile because the database cannot write to the log drive. The drive may be read-only, out of disk space, misconfigured, or corrupted. Error -1032

¿There are numerous other related errors, but these first two seem the most appropriate.

4.Any recent relevant configuration change(s):

We had added permission for Users to read/write to a directory that coincidentally the backup was trying to write to at the same time (the E: drive).


5.Tech diagnosis history:

Tried stopping and starting all Exchange services, then attempted to re-mount. Both Private and Public stores do no re-mount.

I am happy to provide additional information!

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JAStillwellConnect With a Mentor Author Commented:
The woman at Microsoft PSS got it fixed. Give it up for the tech women out there!

Using ESEUTIL, we found the database to be in a clean shutdown state (whew!). As the Exchange database was clean, we moved the existing log files into a temp directory, restarted the System Attendant and Information Store services, then mounted both the private and public stores. Not sure exactly what caused the issue from the start, but I am sure glad we got it fixed!

Renato Montenegro RusticiIT SpecialistCommented:
Make sure the SYSTEM account has full control access to the database directory.
JAStillwellAuthor Commented:
I think the issue came about because we were adding an additional account to have access to the same share that the log files are written to. The backup was trying to write the log to the E: directory when the permissions were being updated, then the Exchange backup failed, and the stores dismounted.
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Renato Montenegro RusticiIT SpecialistCommented:
Is it working now?
JAStillwellAuthor Commented:
No, and I am on the phone with Microsoft product support now. Hopefully they'll be able to fix it.
Renato Montenegro RusticiIT SpecialistCommented:
I am pretty sure the MS guys will fix it quickly. Post here when you know the final solution.
Renato Montenegro RusticiIT SpecialistCommented:
Glad you managed to fix it. PSS rules.
JAStillwellAuthor Commented:
Worked with Microsoft tech support to resolve issue.
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