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Old Computer Names & IPs

Last Modified: 2012-05-11
I have inherited a rather large domain & the past network admin did not keep DNS or Active Directory clean by leaving the domain properly. In other words, when a new computer came in to be installed, he just unplugged it & put the new on in place with a different IP & NetBIOS name.

Now, that I've came along, I have noticed this. I have 6 domain controllers all are global catalog servers. I need to go through & manually delete numerous records.....instead of me manually pinging each IP or NetBIOS name to make sure it is alive or dead, is there any tool I can run that will check the domain for any computers that have not logged into the domain, lets say in a few weeks, so I can compare my list to that report & just delete the computers?
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I believe SpiceWorks does that, its main function is for inventory purposes but it should give you the reports you need.

Maybe check the event log.
In the security log you should see "users" with names of the form COMPUTERNAME$
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To run the script above you should have MS Excel installed.
Sajid Shaik MSystem Admin

scavange stale records in dns and u'll find the approx record in DNS

try as well as


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