why OWA user needs to type username and password everytime to open links within email.

one of the users is able to check email using https://mail.domain.com/exchange/username, open emails, but when trying to open email's link like www.msn.com, etc, she is asked to type username and password again, this is happening on all computers we have tried and it is the only user that is experiencing this.
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Do you have tested adding your OWA Hostname URL in the "TRUSTED Web SITES" zone in your browser ?
Is it the same behavior with different browsers (InternetExplorer, FIrefox ) ?
Is it the same behavior if your user type only the following URL: https://mail.domain.com/exchange    (without his username) ?

PLease add version informations from your mail system:
-Exchange server version
-Browser Version
-OWA site Authentication method (Basic, Form based auth, Integrated)
fkanemotoAuthor Commented:
adding the URL in the trusted web sites zone has not helped, it happens on different browsers. yes it has the same behavior if it is only  https://mail.domain.com/exchange . i believe it is user related, because it works fine using my credentials on the same computer/browser. is there anything on the exchange level that will prevent users to check email freely without asking them to enter credentials everytime a new link is open? thanks!
Tools => internet options = Internet => custom level => User authentication => select automatic logon with current username and password.

Close and open IE again and check.
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