Getting STA and Citrix Web Interface to commununicate

I'm setting up a Xenapp 5, fp 2 Farm.  Web Interface 5.4 and Secure Gateway 3.1 are on the same server (w2k8 r2).   XenApp, licensing (iis 6) and the STA are on a w2k3 box.   I can sign into the web interface over the internet and see published apps but I can't launch them.  The event viewer on the WI returns a message indicating that the server can't contact the specified STA.   I'm not surprised because through the secure gateway configuration wizard I can successfully configure to the STA, but when configuring the website through the web interface I have to enter a url in the "Specify Secure Ticket Authority Settings" within the "Secure Access" settings.  XenApp documentation states that the STA does not require iis anymore.  Therefore my server where the STA resides does not host a url for the STA like other servers I have configured in the past.  The documentation also states to use the citrix ssl relay instead.   Instead of the secure gateway?

Does the Citrix SSL relay replace the secure gateway?   How can I get my WI to see a Secure Ticket Authority URL, if possible, without using the Citrix SSL Relay?

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alexsupertrampConnect With a Mentor Author Commented:
i figured this out myself.   when i installed xenapp i chose not to share xml with iis, so xml is running as a stand alone service.  so i needed to include the ip port in the url, like http://<sta_fqdnservername>:8080/Scripts/CtxSta.dll.  i thought i had already tried this but maybe not.
alexsupertrampAuthor Commented:
i found the answer myself via citrix forums.
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