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I would like to be able to post the same content on multiple wordpress sites.  I update several websites for company directors and the information is the same just that they each have their own site.  Is there a way for me to post it once and it automatically post on all the sites at the same time?
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DanielleFavreauConnect With a Mentor Commented:
I do this on several WordPress sites.  There are several ways.

The autoblogged solution by Jason1178 (or something like http://feedwordpress.radgeek.com/) is an ideal starting point.

But his suggestion of creating a Parent site with Child sites and having the Child sites share some Parent content is ideal.

It's a pain to set up when the sites are already set up as individual sites, but it can be done.  

Note that with Parent/Child WordPress sites, all the sites have to stay on the same server, but since they'll share a single database they will be able to more easily share content.  To actually share the content use a plug-in like http://wordpress.org/extend/plugins/multipost-mu/?
You could have them all running off of one database and one instance of a CMS.  I know this is possible with a drupal CMS install.

brightsusanAuthor Commented:
I really need them to be separate just in case the client decides to have someone else update their website in the future.  I know Wordpress and Joomla but have never used drupal
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Jason C. LevineNo oneCommented:
Hi brightsusan,

The best way to do it would be to update one of the sites and then use a tool like Autoblogged (http://www.autoblogged.com/) to consume the feed from that site and create posts on the other sites.  The caveat with this method is you need licenses of autoblogged on all the other sites to consume the feeds and that it really only works on posts, so if you are creating pages and posts, you might have a problem.

The other way to do it is create a WordPress Multiuser (or "Network") install and make each of the subsites run off a subdomain or subdiretory and play some games to get the different URLs to work with the MU.  WP Network sites allow for a superadmin users to create content on each of the child blogs.  The downside to this is if you already have the site developed, importing them is tough to impossible given the differences in the site structure.
Jason C. LevineNo oneCommented:
Thanks, Danielle.  Welcome to EE!
brightsusanAuthor Commented:
Is there a way to use php on a word press page?  That is how I am doing this now on the non-wordpress sites.  I use the following:  <?php include("/home/content/b/r/i/brightdesign/html/includes/news/news.php") ?>  All the sites are on my server in different folders and then the "includes" folder has the folder for this page.  

Is there a way to do that on Wordpress?  It's really just one page that I need to do across the sites.
Jason C. LevineConnect With a Mentor No oneCommented:
There are a couple of ways to do it.  There is a plugin called execphp (I think, on mobile, can't check easily) that allows you to put php code into the editor for execution when the pages run.   Most people just change the theme files to add the relevant php code and use some WordPress functions to limit which pages call it.

But for WordPress to WordPress includes, I'm not at all sure you want to do that.  Calling an include may not execute the code properly to generate the content.  Using the feeds or a multisite configuration is the better way.  
DanielleFavreauConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Thank you Jason.

BrightSusan: I've done PHP includes on WordPress and once again Jason is correct, it doesn't always function the way you think it will.  You can safely do them in template files (header, footer, sidebar, etc.), but not for page content or post content unless you create completely static pages then insert, but at that point you might as well have a static site with php includes.

You really are best to use some sort of sharing - preferably using a multi site setup.

But before you go down that route, make sure your client(s) know that those sites are then tied together.  They cannot easily be separated.  If your clients insist on staying separate, then use a feed program.

There really isn't another way that will give you reliable consistency across all sites.
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