CUCM 8.0 off-net access code

Good Day,

I am familiar with Cisco CM Express, however, I have been given the task of implementing a new CUCM 8 for our company.

So far this is the only issue I have encountered:

 -  where do you configure the off-net access code for users to access an outside line - we use 9 on our current CME phone system.

The cisco documentation that I have found using google refers to configuring "click to call". Not what I need.

Does anyone know where in the Cisco UCM Administration to set 9 as the dialed number to gain access to dial an outside number?


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José MéndezCommented:
The access code is configured under Call Routing > Translation patterns / Route Patterns, because those are the components were you can set Discard Digit INstructions afterward. If you create a Route Pattern 91.4082412965, you can then configure the called number section and select to discard predot numbers, leaving your pattern as 4082412965, then you select the Route List (within the same route pattern) and that way calls go out through the desired PRIs or analog trunks in the gateways, where further digit manipulation may occur.

There is an option called PRovide Outside Dial Tone. This is useful when your users are used to press 9 and hear a secondary dial tone that makes them feel like accessing PSTN numbers.

Let me know if that helps.
BrockstedtAuthor Commented:
Thanks Willly.

Problem Solved - Excellent
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