Acrobat Professional 8 Known Error?

I used Acrobat Professional 8 to create a pdf form, but after I enable usage rights, users can not see any of the form fields in Acrobat Reader.  The form is pretty much blank in Reader.

Users can not see the text fields at all.  Any suggestion?
Have anyone had this issue before?  

I have attached a copy of the PDF.  What I want to do is to enable usage rights so my users will are able to click on it and open with Free Acrobat Reader to fill out and save/print.
Maybe there is a bug with my Acrobat Professional.  Any help would be much appreciated.

Thank you in advance!!!
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Brian GeeConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Here is what I found when opening this document using Adobe Reader 9.

1) The document is in PDF/A mode. I disabled this Adobe's management of PDF/A documents by disabling a setting in the Preferences. By doing this, users are one step closer to being able to edit anything (in this case, the forms on this document). Here is how to disable the setting:

Edit > Preferences > Documents > set View documents in PDF/A mode: Never.

2) I could not readily see the form fields, but enabling a setting in Preferences allowed me to do so. Here is the setting I enabled to make the forms visible for me to fill-in:

Edit > Preferences > Forms > check Show border hover color for fields.
Brian GeeCommented:
I forgot to include, that closing the PDF (and Reader) and reopening it after applying what I noted above, I was able to see that Please fill out the following form purple bar that typically comes up when a PDF has form fields.
coa_busappsAuthor Commented:
Thank you so much for the solution.  I Should have asked ealier.  I wasted a lot of time looking at this and pulling my hair out....  But it seemed a little fishy though, why would the user have to edit that in order for it to work?  Anyhow, it worked!  Thanks.
Brian GeeCommented:
The original PDF document was created with PDF/A compliance (intentional or unintentional, I'm not sure). In order for the user to not break that compliance, a setting is enabled by default to ensure that the compliance remains intact. With the setting set to Never, the document immediately after is still PDF/A compliant but any changes performed to the document may break such compliance... a run through Preflight using a PDF/A set will determine for sure though.
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