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In Windows 7's Credential Manager, we added an RDP server with my credentials. It works. If I change my password on the Domain, it doesn't reciprocate to the Credential Manager. Does anyone know of a way to make this happen (via script, gpo, etc.)? Thanks.
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Jackie ManCommented:
The password saved in Credential Manager can be updated by script.

BUT, you need to ask your domain admin to change the following local group policy in your windows 7.

1. Open Group Policy Editor via cmd -> gpedit.msc
2. Navigate to Local Computer Policy\Computer Configuration\Administrative Templates\System\Credentials Delegation\
3.Open Setting Allow Delegating Saved Credentials with NTLM-only Server Authentication, set it to Enabled click on button Show... and in Show Contents window add Value TERMSRV/[Ip address of the terminal server]. Close all windows by pressing OK.
4. Run cmd and enter gpupdate command to update your policy.


The script to change the RDP password is as follows:-

cmdkey /add:TERMSRV/[IP address of terminal server] /user:[Doamin User Name] /pass:[Password]

Open in new window

where [Doamin User Name] is your user name for domain logon and [Password] is your new password.

Save the script above as a batch file and you can edit it after you have changed your domain password.

Of course, encrypted the bat file and save it at a secured location.
Jackie ManCommented:
If still no go, you may need to change the script as follows:-

attrib -h %USERPROFILE%\Documents\Default.rdp
del %USERPROFILE%\Documents\Default.rdp 
cmdkey /add:TERMSRV/[IP address of terminal server] /user:[Doamin User Name] /pass:[Password]

Open in new window

The script above will delete the existing default.rdp file and the system will create a new default.rdp file when you start a new rdp session.
Jackie ManCommented:
The information inside the Credential Manager is stored locally in your Windows 7 and I do not think that any server-side script or GPO can update the password inside it.
CMilneAuthor Commented:
This worked
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