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Extend C Partition Raid5 Windows 2003 Server

hsood2001 asked
Medium Priority
Last Modified: 2012-05-11
I have a few years old dell server with 3 HDD'd each 146GB connected to a raid 5 controller.
I then have 3 partitions c: 12gb 0mb free, d about 120gb with about 20gb free space and f 40gb with 30gb spare.

I am going to install a couple of 300gb spare drives into this machine and i then want to mirror across f to one of the new drives. Then i can delete old f and use this for c?  

What is the best way to do this and what tool is the best to use?  I cannot move d as it contains all users data and profile info and has loads iod share etc on it.

I have cleared up all the old files from c that we dont need and are to the bare bone now so i cannot delete any more.

Any help would be great.

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PowerEdgeTechIT Consultant
Top Expert 2010

The only way you can use the space from deleting F: without deleting D: is to convert your disk to Dynamic, which is not advisable.  After deleting the F: partition, you can use partitioning software (like Acronis Disk Director) to resize your partitions while keeping the data intact, but make sure you have a good backup, as there is no completely safe way to resize your system partition.


Are there any free tools that can do this?
PowerEdgeTechIT Consultant
Top Expert 2010

None that I have used can do it while keeping data intact, although one of EE's top experts recommends BootIt Bare Metal, which can supposedly do this (slide D: to the "end" of the disk, then extend C:) ... if you're feeling brave.  The free partitioning tools generally can shrink/extend partitions, but usually have "pay" versions that are capable of "moving" them, normally, you would need to delete D: in order to extend C:.

PowerEdgeTechIT Consultant
Top Expert 2010

Actually, sorry ... it is not free either (although MUCH cheaper than Acronis ... if it works).
IT Product Manager
Top Expert 2009
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