jquery UI issue with tabs in ie8

having an issue with jquery tabs in ie8 at this url.  in every browser the tabs expand dynamically and cause the page to expand as expected.  In ie8 the page doesnt expand however the tab does go overtop of the other content and then off the page.

to recreate go to url below

click on More Images tab


seems to work fine in ie7, ie9, chrome, firefox and safari
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David S.Commented:
Try removing "display:inline-block" from the "#vehiclepage-wrapper #vehicle" rule.
The div with class rt-grid-12 is set to float left.   In IE in order for that floating div to expand each layer inside it must also be marked as float.

You may be able to get away with removing the float left from that element.
InventoryMarketingAuthor Commented:

Tried remove the float: left from .rt-grid-12 with no success.   Also tried adding a float:left to the ui-tabs class

Didnt seem to help :\

InventoryMarketingAuthor Commented:
Perfect thank you!  cant believe i missed that!  good to have a 2nd eye.
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