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I have my current storage server (Server 2k3 STD SP2) and i am planning an upgrade. I was going to upgrade it to a 2k8 r2 server.
I need to move all the shares over to the new server. I wanted to see if anyone had any good suggestions, so i can move everything, while keeping my permissions in place.
I was planning a robocopy - i have not played with the switches yet... Any comments on anything else i can do. or what switch string to run?

let me know. thanks!
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skuzma2612Connect With a Mentor Author Commented:
This is what i went with
robocopy /e /copyall /zb


robocopy.exe \\server\Folder d:\test /e /copyall /zb

Open in new window

Note - Dest. needs a source folder to go into,
if you just choose d:\ the contents of the TEST folder will be placed in the root of D: the root TEST folder
does not move over, just the contents.
Ideally you would have 2 hard drives on this server: one for the OS and one for the DATA.

If this is the case, even though I've seen many people "upgrade", I would advise you to do a clean install, being a file/storage server, there should be no tedious configuration issues.

Personally, I always remove the data drive (just unplug it).... When dealing with data there is nothing better than making sure you are playing safe. Later, when the server is installed and working properly, plug the drive back in and remake the shares.

Why do I recommend this? Because Windows 2003 STD had many problems. Some of the most annoying problems were that when you enabled or installed something and later, for any reason decided to disable the feature... it wouldn't disable it or left remnants of it.... I could actually consistently prove this every time with different machines..... you don't want to carry over these "bugs" into a new installation of 2k8r2...

Of course... there are many other ways to do this and which way you choose to use will depend on the complexity of the shares and the user groups permissions in place.

Bits ...
skuzma2612Connect With a Mentor Author Commented:
I have the drives presented to the current server as iSCSI - The new server is going to have it's drives presented from our new Fiber SAN.
I also need to keep all of the windows NTFS permissions in place during this move.
all folder structure needs to stay in place also, obviously.
skuzma2612Author Commented:
I did not receive any other feedback and completed this on my own.
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