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How to change alert for a new message in an existing conversation

Shast asked
Medium Priority
Last Modified: 2012-05-11

Currently, my existing active conversations are set to "notify me by flashing the conversation window button on the taskbar" but I would like to change it to "Notify me with a pop-up window"

I went to settings on the Alerts tab but it only showed me the following
 alert options
Does anyone know how I can change it?

Kind Regards,
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Well, it seems like you're missing some settings:

What version of IE are you running?



I'm using IE 8.  I also had a friend check his OCS settings and  "New messages in an existing converstaion" was not an option.

Hmm, I can think of two issues.

1. Turn off all pop-up blocking software, and features in IE - they can sometimes block the pop-ups from OC.

2. MS has a bug, that makes the pop-up appear behind everything else sometimes, so test it, with the full desktop shown, no other programs running. Does it pop-up now?
-> A lillte help and posible workaround here:

2. Also, I have hard of such an installation beeing faulty, so if the above fails, you should try and reinstall the client.

I just checked my own OC, and there are no more options as I suggested earlier.



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for the following reason:

After some research I found that this is an issue with OCS R2 but has been resolved in LYNC
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