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Hello Great expert,

This is really important for me.

I want to create webpart. This webpart should able to pull out record from Webservices.

Function for this webservices.
1. Pass "Project Number" then it will return project details.

Now, I need webpart which can able to call this webservices with "Project Number" parameter. and I want project details display in my webpart to end users.

Can you please write short example code or very details on this?

Thanks for your help in advance.
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Ivan PadabedDirector, Technology SolutionsCommented:
for SP2010:
1. create new Web Part project in VS2010
2. add web service reference to this project and you will get WS proxy class
3. put OnRender override method in your web part code behind
4. make a call to your WS through the proxy class in your Render method and display the result with HTML

please note that scenario above is oversimplified, and if you don't have enough details to implement your web part with my steps then most probably you should not try to do it at all
parikh12Author Commented:
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