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We have SQL 2000 running on a Windows 7 Pro 32 Bit workstation. How do we authenticate Windows XP users to the SQL server?
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PberConnect With a Mentor Solutions ArchitectCommented:
It depends.  If you are using SQL integrated authentication, they use use the internal account setup within SQL to grant access.  If you have SQL setup for Mixed, you can also use the internal account or a Windows account.  If you have SQL setup for Windows Authentication it will only work with Windows accounts.  

With the Windows authentication, it also depends if these computers are on a domain or not.  If they are on a Domain, then you can configure the SQL logins to the domain accounts and grant those logons to the databases required and it should be good.  If you are in a workgroup with Windows authentication, it is more difficult as remote machines can't really authenticate with remote accounts.  You have to use a concept called pass-through authentication.  This is essentially creating a local userid with the same username and password on both the XP machine and the Windows 7 machine.

In this scenario, I would probably suggest using internal authentication with the SQL and it might be the method with the least issues to implement.
Old-DogAuthor Commented:
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