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I have a table that has a recommended action field. This field gets updated based on a nested IF statement. I want to add another statement to say if this ID&ITEM ID&YEAR exist aready on the table (more then once) then update recommended action to say "MEMO"

How would I do this?
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Nick67Connect With a Mentor Commented:

In the subDelinquencies subreport Detail_Format code, you can whistle up a recordset to update this.

Let me know.

Are you looking for guidance on how to write the SQL statement? Is your nested IF statement in SQL or do you use Access Macros or VBA code?

It would probably be best if you can post the bit of code you already got so we can assist you better.

I am back at my desk today.
Thank you for your patience.
If you want to ask a related question on that other stuff, we can work on it.

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