Multiple SSID and Access Points with Different Content Filters

I'm looking for a low-cost wireless solution that can support two SSID's in two different VLAN's. One SSID/VLAN would be for guests and the other would be for employees. The employee network would have MAC filtering enabled, but the guest network would not. Furthermore, the users would need to be able to roam through our campus without having to reconnect, so we would need multiple AP's. Here's a list of features I would like:

MAC address filtering with the ability to support several addresses. Most devices support 16 to 32, but more would be better.
Multiple SSID's with different MAC filtering. One of the problems I've run into with DD-WRT is that you can only have one MAC address list per antenna even if you have multiple SSID's on that antenna. If we need an AP with two antennas that's OK.
Multiple access points on the same network with the same access settings so users can roam without losing connection.
Centralized management. If we end up having a bunch of AP's all over the place with a bunch of MAC address lists, it would be nice to manage them from one location. This feature isn't a requirement.
I would be happy with DD-WRT, a Linux server, and low-cost AP's if it would do the trick.
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I have experimented in the past with DD-WRT  using radauth to authenticate clients by MAC via a RADIUS server. This avoids having lists per access point with the admin nightmare that could unfold. At the time the RADIUS server was another WRT-54, but that's another story.

So a partial answer would be dd-wrt access points pointing to a FreeRADIUS or similar server.

The hostpot systems like chillispot and its successors may be worth looking at - your clients would receive a splash screen if not on the mac authorised list (for visitors) or just pass straight through if on the list.

I don't know enough about the current state of play with multiple SSIDs or VLANs to comment further on separation of traffic or access method.

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ProUAdminAuthor Commented:
I will check out FreeRADIUS and report back.
ProUAdminAuthor Commented:
The primary detail was to use FreeRADIUS, but the solution wasn't complete.
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