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RDP session into 1 of 3 Domain Controllers and get  \\server\Desktop not accessible. You might not have permission to use the network resource

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Last Modified: 2012-06-21
Hey Experts,

I have read several of the topics, and I haven't found one that has my scenario just yet.  I have 5 servers on the network.

TS1 - Terminal Server 1 (Domain Controller)
TS2 - Terminal Server 2
Srv1 - Old DB (Domain Controller)
DB1 - Database Server (Domain Controller)
Ex1 - Exchange

Srv1 is dieing.  We had to take it off the network due to hardware failures.  We have been migrating the printer shares and file shares from Srv1 to DB1 for now.

I have completed pretty much everything.  We are down to this last issue. I have 1 user that opens an RDP connection to DB1 and gets the following error when the session opens -
"\\Srv1\folder-redirect\user\Desktop not accessible. You might not have permission to use the network resource"

So obviously the users' desktop is located on the old Srv1 that is not on the network.  Now I have copied over the user's profile folder to DB1.

How do I change the redirect Desktop for that User?  I have tried to go into the User's properties and enter in the path in the "Profile" Path, but I still get this error.  They utilize AD.  I am assuming this is a policy issue?  Where would I look to adjust this?

Thank you ahead of time for your help!
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You can view in AD Users and computers in a domain controller and look for the user properties that have this problem. If in the profile, under terminal services profile you have to change the profile path to point to the new server.

If this a GPO, you can use Group Policy Management to review the information for your user and check if a folder redirection or terminal services profile is redirected by GPO.

Another way to view it is in AD Users and computers locate the user account, left click and then All Task - Resultant Set of Policies (could be planning for GPO configured how is supossed to be, or loggin that is for GPO applied to user account in a specific computer.



Thank you for your input!  

Under AD Users I have gone to the profile and there isn't a pointer for this user.

Under the GPO, I am not sure where to look this up.  I went under the properties "group policy" and there wasn't a policy listed to edit.

I have tried to point the file in the User profile and it still looks to the old server.   What would be driving the path? GPO if there isn't settings in the User/properties?


Not sure where to set this.  
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