How to install memcached


       I'm trying to install memcached on Mac OS X Snow Leopard, with XAMPP, following the instructions from but for some reason memcached doesn't show up when I call phpinfo()...

Can anyone help me out with this?

Thanks in advance!
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hernst42Connect With a Mentor Commented:
Have you restatred the web server and checked it's log.
Are you sure you added to your php.ini (which is shown in your phpinfo():
errangAuthor Commented:
Yes, I followed those instructions to the letter.

All except the command pecl download memcached... I got an error saying there's no such thing as pecl... so I found another link.

But yes, after I did that, I made sure to add the line to the php.ini file in XAMPP, and then I restarted the server, both with the command line as well as XAMPP control.
errangAuthor Commented:
Here's the php.ini file if you want to take a look... to see if I did it right.

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