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I have a general question, regarding the Cisco Security Agent.  We're currently using CSA 4.5 clients on our Windows XP computers.  However, we plan on upgrading some of these computers to Windows 7.  I managed to install the 4.5 client on my Windows 7 test box, albeit, the installation was ran in Windows XP compatibility.  Once installed, it appeared that program functionality was severely reduced, in which the client did not contact the management server.  Also, some of the client options were non-existent.   It appeared the program was just “there” and not doing anything.

I went out onto Cisco's website, and noticed CSA client 6.02 was available for Windows 7.  However, will the new client work with the Management Server which will still be on 4.5, or will the Management Server need to be upgraded as well to manage the new clients?

Thank you for your assistance.
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surbabu140977Connect With a Mentor Commented:
I don't think the 6.0 will work on MC 4.5. You need an upgrade of the MC. But since I am not using that so we might want to confirm from someone who is already using MC.

But, with every release the MC gets upgraded too. So I doubt if new clients will work on old MC installations. You can try downloading one 6.0 client and try. That would be the best I guess.

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