Assign Values to Hidden Columns in datagrid

I have a datagrid being displayed in a tab control.  Not all columns need displayed so I have no shown them.  When entering data, there are key fields that are assigned from a "header" part of the form.  The columns are:


The user enters these values elsewhere.  When the user enters rows in the datagrid and then saves, I need each row in the grid to have the columns Job Number, Slip Number, and SWO Number to be assigned the values in the textboxes txt_Slip_Number, txt_Job_Number and txt_SWO_Number?  

Please advise.  Thanks!
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CodeCruiserConnect With a Mentor Commented:
You can handle the DataTable.TableNewRow event and add the values to the columns(this assuming that you are using a datatable/dataset as the datasource of grid)
Just a clairfication datagrid or gridview?

I know you already mentioned but some people say datagrid when actually they are refering is datagridview. Datagrid and datagridview is different.
tobin46Author Commented:
@PagodNaUtak - sorry datagridview
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tobin46Author Commented:
Maybe you could show me a sample of code that would add records to a db from a datagridview.
Columns 1, 2, 3, 4 - but Column 1 is hidden and the key and will be equal to a value in textbox_ID.
Did you try my suggestion?
tobin46Author Commented:
Just did.  Worked.  Thanks.
tobin46Author Commented:
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