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juniper router load balancing

daya83753 asked
Last Modified: 2012-05-11
Can I load balance J2350 with J4350 router? i want to have a 10 Mbps link on j2350 and 10 Mbps on 4350 and acheive 20 Mbps bandwidth. (j 4350 itself supports E3 though) Will the base software on these routers support that or any additional software/hardware should i buy to put them into load balancing mode?
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We can configure route based load balancing on the boxes bud, but this will not give the full 20M you are looking for sadly.

We can have multiple routes for each destination (including the default route) on each node load balance per flow on each new connection passing through.

For true load balancing of all traffic then a 3rd party solution like the expensive F5 big IP will do the trick but note, F5 is based on application load balancing, not necessarily packets.


Suppose can we have  two j2350's put in load balancing mode using something like vrrp or hsrp...not sure what it is called in juniper terminology

Yes we can use VRRP here as well, create 2 instances here where each node will be master of its own instance and standby to the other node.

However this will require half your internal hosts using the VRRP IP from the 1st node, and the other half of the hosts using the other node.

In normal working conditions, then all hosts are spread amongst both nodes depending on the routes used.  This is not true load balancing but it does allow for traffic sharing.

When a node dies, then the remaining node will also assume the VRRP IP of its partner as well as its own VRRP IP and thus serve all hosts.

Note a similar set up will be needed for the WAN connection regarding the use of IPs and traffic coming into your network, as well as the routers will need to be on the same network or at least linked) to allow the correct IP address failovers and VRRP functionality.

As these are J series devices, have you considers using JSRP and creating a security cluster?  This has similar benefits to VRRP but also ensures that sessions are synced across nodes.

We can also create 2 redundnacy groups for the interfaces so we have each node active in the data plane and forwarding traffic.


i intend to use a pair of j2350 at DR to connect with a J4350 at primary site and acheive a 20 Mbps pipe for data replication purposes between them. Is it possible. How do i actually acheive this. how do i make my two J2350 of 10Mbps bandwidth at DR look as one 20Mbps.

Sorry bud, I misunderstood.

OK, so for the J2350sa, if we are running a later version of Junos, ie 10.4 or 11.1, we can create cluster from the 2 nodes.

We can then use ling aggregation to combine both 10M lines to a single 20M agg interface.

Note, that this WILL require the connecting switch to be LACP enabled


So we need a layer 2 switch to do the link aggregation and both the Juniper 2350's can be clustered. Any other prerequisites reqd? Where will the WAN links terminate? what interfaces? How does the connection look like?
 PrimaryDC(J4350) <--> DR DC(Layer2 switch)<-->DR DC(J2350's)
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