How do I ensure that the version in production is the same as in VSS

Hi All,

We have a VB 6 application running in production and as Quality Assuance, we would like to ensure that the version was compiled using the currently available source code in VSS.  In other words, how do we ensure that the production and VSS are the same?

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Brian GeeCommented:
At will, I'm thinking you could compile the VSS source code (anytime a verification needs to be made) and then run an MD5/SHA1 hash check against the production application's hash to see if they match...
ISS_ExpertAuthor Commented:
Good idea yobri.  What tool do I use to run the hash?
Brian GeeCommented:
I like Ash's offering on Sourceforge... I've been using it for awhile now.

Drag-and-drop capable and you can save both MD5 and SHA-1 text files with a click of a button (one button for each).
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