join windows 2008 to domain

i have two servers  onw is hoted three virtual server using hyper-v and the other hosted tmg and app servers
when i tryied to join the servers on the second server it's ask me to enter the domain user name and password after 2 min's it's give me that it cannot find my domain name !
so what's this problem ?
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aminbaikAuthor Commented:
it was a lan card problem
Kalpesh ChhatralaSoftware ConsultantCommented:
aminbaikAuthor Commented:
but not resloved :(
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Check the DNS Server IP Address. On the network connection> changed prefered DNS to DC's IP
Check the DNS setting on the server.

Confirm that you are pointing to the right primary and secondary DNS servers
Sajid Shaik MSr. System AdminCommented:
can u resolve / ping the dns ?

what is the nslookup ? is it pointing to your DNS server if no... then

first ping the domain ... if it ping... then

check the network settings on the physical machine vertual network adapter ... the gateway and the DNS ...


in TMG create a firewall policy access role - allow - in protocols select DNS ( all protocols viseversa )  - from Internal users - to your DNS server - all users.

now check

hopu it will works

all the best
aminbaikAuthor Commented:
yes , i can
noting changed afer i create the policy.
aminbaikAuthor Commented:
i replace the lan card
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