Receive the error "The system cannot find the file specified" when installing Server 2003 Service Pack 1

I am attempting to install Server 2003 service pack 1 on a SBS 2003 server.  I am doing this under guidance from a separate question.

I downloaded the service pack to the server in question.  I am able to launce the service pack, and it seems to unpack fine, but then it gives me the error "The system cannot find the file specified".  However, there is no indication of what the missing file is.

I found a Microsoft knowledgebase entry that mentions this error during the install of Server 2003 service pack 2.  The solution in that entry is to obtain the registry key
[HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Ole] from another Server 2003 server.  I don't have access to another server, so I am unable to try that solution.

Any help to resolve this would be greatly appreciated.
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Have you tried unpacking the exe file prior to the installation?
brianpaulcoxAuthor Commented:
I have not tried that yet.  

I have now unpacked the exe, but I can not tell which file I should run in order to start the service pack installation.
install all the update even install sp2 for exchange .

delete the old and create a new share connection or map a drive again
brianpaulcoxAuthor Commented:
Neither of these comments helped me. I am closing this question.
brianpaulcoxAuthor Commented:
This answer was not complete.
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