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cross browser compatibility test

Medium Priority
Last Modified: 2012-05-11
Hi All ,

I need to write a java program, that takes url as input and check it is compatible with different browser or not?

I dnt have any idea ,how I will achieve this ?? please Help me asap.
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The question of compatibility is the question of "consistent display", I suppose?

So, you must render the page and verify the output is the same on every browser.

Applets can gain access to the DOM (the document object model, containing all the elements). This should supply you with the informations on your HTML elements you desire. In general, all you need to do is to verify the positions are correct.
To get access, you might choose to insert your examining applet into the code by reading the HTML and putting the applet code at the end (before the </body> tag). The applet will not display anything but may opens a connection to the master Applet (or writes a file - you can supply parameters in the HTML code calling the applet).

What "correct" exactly means, depends on your problem; for example, if the page has a slightly bigger top margin on one browser doesn't matter. But if your language flags are each displayed on a separate line instead of being put top-right in a single line IS a serious problem.

If all browsers have been opened and the informations were transmitted you need to verify the results. This should be the most work by far, as you should not use exact values but somewhat unsharp values.
Remember that there are netbooks out there - web pages often rendered useless by divs put in front of it without the chance to close them as the close button is hidden der to the screen resolution! Which leads to another interesting parameter: Scrren size, and resolution, maximized display vs. normal view, JScript (enabled or not), Flash elements, input driven (php script, java-created (jetty server, tomcat,...) )  ...

Its a big project, but if you succeed it's shurely worth the work. You may even sell the result, as web developers always have the problem of cross browser compability. Currently, I have to open the page on all browsers (not only the different flavors like Firefox, Safari, Chrome but also the different versions of those browsers!) and verify the display manually. After that, I need to tweak the page and redo the process (because my changes may have side effects on other browsers/versions).

Automating thistime-consuming  process would be a real potential!


Hi Gnarf,

Thanks for ur reply. But My thing is different . I need to create a small application ,in which User wll enter their website url and I have to say them that their website is perect in for ex. IE 7 ,IE 8, but there are some Missing content or functionality on IE 5 and IE6, So your website is compatible with IE8 and IE7 but not with IE6 and IE5.  I need to do it against many browsers not only IE. And I have no idea how to achieve it.

So, I ll be very greatful if you or any1 can help me out. I am using JAva for my project.
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James MurrellQA Product Specialist

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