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Need help in Smtp email settings for phpbb

Last Modified: 2012-05-11
the current settings don't work. The board does not send out emails.
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Are you hosting this yourself, or through a third party host?  If you are hosting, is Port 25 open outgoing?


yes it is open. Please see the screenshot attached.

I have removed the attachment as I feel it contains information which is sensitive.

For those Experts wishing to participate in this question the Use SMTP switch is set on, and the SMTP server details are filled out, Port is set to 25, the username and password set - the password is obfuscated, but is in plaintext.

EE Moderator
Have you tried using Native instead of setting the SMTP switch?  See:-

Use SMTP server for email: Select Yes if you want your board to send emails via an SMTP server. If you are not sure that you have an SMTP server available for use, set this to No; this will make your board use the native, PHP-based email service, which in most cases is the safest available option.

Above extracted from phpBB documentation http://www.phpbb.com/support/documentation/3.0/adminguide/acp_general.php#acp_client_email


@moorhouselondon are you saying that emails could be sent without a email server/service? Is that really possible?
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moorhouselondon: PHP-based email service worked. Thanks
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