How to search for emails within a particular date range from the Search bar instead of Advanced Find?

Is there any way to customize Outlook to allow inclusion of date ranges with the Search bar in Outlook 2007 or the Search Ribbon in Outlook 2010. The only default ones available are Today, Yesterday, This week, Last Week, This month, Last month, This year, Last year

I know that this option is available in Advanced Find.
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OP_ZaharinConnect With a Mentor Commented:
- yes there is a way. put the following criteria in the search field it will search for email received between 1/3/2011 and 21/3/2011:

received:(3/1/2011 .. 3/21/2011) 

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DevendraNaiduAuthor Commented:
Hi OP Zaharin,

Yes, I agree. But was looking at some option which can give me a drop down option to enter date ranges to select. Can we do some kind of customization to Outlook via a macro written for this purpose?
DevendraNaiduAuthor Commented:
I wanted a solution which can work as a part of Outlook with drop downs to select dates.
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