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How to convert/transfer mpg movies from pc to ipad2

hainaux asked
Medium Priority
Last Modified: 2012-06-22
I am new in apple but not in pc. I bought an ipad2.I would like to read my mpg movies on this ipad2 after transferring them from my pc. Can somebody explain step by step what I have to do to reach this target . Thank you
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use total converter software fro convert ur file ,,, than import in ur ipod....this software suggest u ipod format....


Sorry but as I have explained I am totally new with IPAD.
Where can I find "total converter software" ?
Do I have to download it on my PC or my Ipad ?
To import the files afetr conversion do I have to use Itunes ?
Thnak you
Jason C. LevineDon't talk to me.


You should just be able to open the mpg from iTunes.  That will add it to the iTunes library and from there it will synch to the iPad.  


Sorry Jason but Ipad doesn't read MPG. On the other hand I do not see specifically how to input an MPG movie in the itunes library. I have tried everything. Can you help telling me step by step what I have to do to insert a movie in mpg to the library.
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It is rather complicated but it works


I have converted  a small mpg with handbrake, transferred to Ipad2 with Itunes and it works. Playing the small video on the Ipad works but the beginning of the video is blurred during 2 seconds and afterwards becomes accurate. Do you know the reason ?
It is a hard job to do that for a long movie ! but it is worth it in some cases.
I have given to you the 500 points you certainly deserve for me.
Thank you for your help
Thanks a lot Hainaux. I feel the quality issue may be due to the video itself. I did a conversion of a video required at my Office and it seemed to be fine. My suggestions:

1. Try converting other available video files and test. If it a file issue, this test will help you isolate that
2. Else try playing with some presents on Handbrake. Experimenting with it may help you identify the preset that works best for you
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