Windows update via SCCM (SUP)

I have created a brand new wsus server but have not run the configuration wizard because I want sccm to manage the windows updates.

How do I go about configuring SCCM for windows updates?

At the moment I just want to be able to see how up to date the machines are while my old wsus server continues to apply windows updates through a gpo.

If I look at the update services role on the new wsus server only 13 machines are reporting back.  How do I check the updates status on the new wsus server or within scm?
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merowingerConnect With a Mentor Commented:
you need the WSUS Admin console on the Site Server
As soon as you install a Software Update Point on top of the WSUS Server you have to deploy Updates with SCCM.
So i there's no possibility to get the Patch State in SCCM while deploying with native WSUS.
Also as soon as you deploy Updates with SCCM its important that no WSUS Policy is applying.
WNottsCAuthor Commented:
Ok just so I understand it.

Currently we have a WSUS server wsus1 which synchronises with Microsoft and is pushing out windows updates with all settings set in a GPO.

I have now created a new WSUS server wsusnew which also synchronises with Microsoft.

I have SCCM on a seperate server but have installed the SUP role on the remote wsus server wsusnew.

1. There is now way of seeing the update statuses within the new WSUS server or SCCM while the old WSUS server and GPO are active?

2. How do I go about switching from native WSUS to using SCCM?

1. Yes exaclty. You have to enable the SCCM Updates Agent to get the update compliance information. As soon as there's a WSUS Group Policy, the local SCCM Policy will be overwritten. The client just can report to one environment
2. You build a update deployment structure in SCCM, disable the WSUS Policy and enable the SCCM Updates Agent in your SCCM environment
WNottsCAuthor Commented:
Thanks for these points but I am having trouble configuring the SUP

Background of the SCCM setup-

I have a Primary site server with most roles on but not the Software update point.  I have a remote WSUS server which has the SUP role on.  WSUS Seems to be working fine and is synchronising with SCCM with no errors.

1.  I then installed a secondary site server which has the DP Role, PMP Role and SUP Role.

If I look at the Compnent Configuration on the PrimarySite Server, the SUP component settings are

General - Active Software update point on remote server
                 Active server name:  is remote WSUS server
Sync Settings - is synchronize from Microsoft Update
other tabs are fairly standard

If I look at the SUP Component settings on the secondary server I only get two tabs General and Sync settings.

On the General tab it is set to none
On the sync settings tab  the first option is greyed out but set as "Synchronize from an upstream update server"

I thought everything was ok but I am getting SMS_WSUS_CONTROL_MANAGER errors
message ID  4968
SMS Site Component manager failed to install this componnet, because it either can't find or configure WSUS

It is suggested in what I have read that this is because it can not find   "an active software update point on site server"

Does anyone have any idea about this
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