Outlook 2007 printer problem

When one of our users try to print emails from Outlook 2007 he gets the error message below:

"There is a problem with the selected printer. You might need to reinstall
this printer. Try again, or use a different printer."

I don't have issues printing any other documents from Office 2007, it's just
the emails that have this problem. Furthermore, its only the emails themselves, attachements pint just fine. Also the print preview gets the same error.

Does anyone have a resolution to this issue?
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- there is a similar problem raised by another user on Outlook printing problem. it might be caused after  installing MS KB2509470 update. to resolve it, uninstall that update.

read further here:
eltel-it-norAuthor Commented:
Actually, i just found out the same thing myself :-) Thanks.
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